Ice Sculpture Ideas

It is getting cold out there and we have a fabulous post to get really creative with all of that ice out there… Ice Sculptures! Ice sculptures are a fabulous detail for any party or wedding and corporate events and we are going to talk about all of the awesome ideas you can do with them!

Ice Sculptures: 5 Ice-tastic Ideas to Make Your Special Occasions Awesome

Ice sculptures are the latest and coolest trend for party decor. Their aesthetic appearance is the basis of their appeal. But besides being fashionable, they are functional too and that’s what makes them even more perfect for parties.

They can be used as elegant centerpieces to awe guests in wedding ceremonies or they can be used for caviar displays in cocktail party to captivate party folks. If you have a special event coming up and you’re looking for some cool ways to decorate it, then here are five ice-tastic ideas to do so!

# 1 Food Displays

The use of cutlery is very ordinary. So when you replace bowls and dishes with ice sculptures, then it certainly looks extraordinary. Ice sculptures as food displays can provide a unique finishing touch to food presentation and definitely wow guests at the same time.

The food looks more colorful, enticing and of course more inviting. The best part of food displays is that you don’t have to wait for any specific event to use them. Birthdays, weddings,  anniversaries, corporate parties… they fit for every occasion. They definitely work best for cool food items like shrimp and oysters.

# 2  Logos, Monograms and So Much More!

Iogo ice sculptures  can be really cool when they have a logo, picture or anything you can dream of them carved into them. Logo ice sculptures are really popular at corporate parties and bring a unique way of brand promotion too. carved with corporate logos are unique ways of brand promotion.  Carved ice is a stylish and easy way to capture people’s attention. We have seen some really beautiful monograms and wedding themed pictured that really wowed everyone at a wedding too. However, if you want more interaction from your clients and guest, then converting your ice logo into liquor luge is the way to get the party started. This personal touch will bring more fun and amusement to the party and to its guests as well. Also, it will leave a happy and lasting memory of your party and especially your brand!

{This Highmark logo on Toxel brings great brand awareness and looks really neat for a corporate party.}

{This is a beautiful monogram ice sculpture for a wedding on}

#3 Ice Bowls

Versatile, exceptional and highly functional – ice bowls are small yet spectacular details to your party décor. Besides holding beverages and food, they can be used to create trendy centerpieces. They can also be used as a beautiful surprising elements to hold anything you want. Great for appetizer bars, or really any food table, ice bowls can serve as an exception detail to your party. Not to mention keeping everything cold for you on a hot day!

This ice sculpture food display is so neat!

To make ice bowls even more attractive, ask your designers to suspend small flowers or other decorative elements inside them. It really makes for a great look!

#4 Ice Cake Pedestals

Cakes are integral parts of weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Ice pedestals or ice stands as you could call them,  are a dazzling and unique way to show off your already gorgeous cake. You can ask your sculpting company to carve names of the newlyweds, the birthday boy or girl or whatever design you want to make it that much more special. Uplighting can work really well here to really make the ice pedestal stand out.

Ice Sculpture Cake Stand

#5 Alcohol Holders

People who don’t have the budget to go for gorgeous ice luges for their drinks need not be disheartened. Alcohol holders are great alternatives for liquor luges, and still look just as great. You can have a whole bar made out of ice for an extra enticing look. What is great about ice sculpture bars is they keep your drinks cold throughout the party. Go for circular wine racks as they are amazingly unique and eye-catching too. To add extra zing, get some extra ice shot glasses. Your friends are going to love having tequila shots in those little, icy and classy glasses.

Ice sculpture bar
Cool ice sculpture bar!

Decorative and functional – ice sculptures serve as excellent party embellishments. Starting from stunning martini bars to meticulously designed corporate logos, you can choose the perfect ones for your occasion. Besides the above mentioned ones, you can also go for other ice sculptures like ice tables and ice curtains.

How to Choose the Right Sculpture?

The presence of so many options can confound you. When you are selecting the right ice sculpture, the first thing you should do is to keep your budget in mind. This will help you to filter options and stick to them. The next thing is to choose a sculpture that best suits your occasion and your style at the same time. For example, if you’re hosting a cocktail party, then ice bar is the most fitting ice sculpture, but for birthdays, ice cake pedestal is the most likely the most suitable one.